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First prize as Best Innovative Project at the Fourth University Free Software Contest, with 141 participants from all over Spain
MBP18, one of the Main Boards

Curuxa is an open source electronics and robotics modular educative prototyping platform. It comprises a collection of Main Boards and Modules that can be connected to each other to build complex applications. Much more information.

  • If you like electronics, programming, mechanics, robotics... you can use Curuxa for prototyping your devices and building them fast and easily.
  • If you are organizing electronics or robotics classes, workshops or conferences, your students/participants can build the boards and modules provided by the Curuxa Project.

Do you want to begin working on it? See Getting started.

MC2A LTIL-A MBP40 SIDST-GP2 CMSP-MAX PWR-AD5 CMIR-RC LTIND-A MBP8 CMIR-RC MBP14 SIBW-1Y SISW-SPST MC2B AO-SPK MBP40 with a data connector SISW-SPST LTIND-A Instrumentation Amplifier LTIND-A PICkit2 connected to an MBP18 PWR-DD5 LTIND-A Testing on a protoboard MBP18 and some Modules MBP14, LTIND-A Curuxa IDE PCBot, robot with on-board computer controlled by mobile phone Manu-fakture Octapas KETJO