Microcontroller Programmers

From Curuxa

Microcontroller Programmers are electronic devices used for uploading a program to a microcontroller.

When you write a program for a microcontroller you have to compile/assemble it. Then you get a binary file (working with the PIC architecture you will probably get a .hex binary file). That binary file must be uploaded or burned into the microcontroller. Once that program has been transferred to the microcontroller you can power it up and your program will run on the microcontroller.

There are lots of programmer schematics around the internet. If you want to program Microchip microcontrollers (PIC, dsPICs) we recommend you to buy a PICkit 2 or PICkit 3.

PICkits are cheap (around $25), simple to use, multiplatform, always updated, USB, can program any microcontroller sold by Microchip... they can also be used as debuggers (you can run your program line by line, checking how it works internally), simple logic analyzers, control simple digital circuits from the computer...