Testing on a protoboard

From Curuxa

If you want to build simple circuits on a protoboard/breadboard controlled from a Curuxa Main Board, it's very easy:

Building the cable

Data connector ready for being connected to a protoboard


  • Take a data connector
  • Remove the female header, we just need the male header and the wires
  • Remove 3-5mm of cover from the end of each wire
  • Twist the aluminum/copper
  • Put a bit of solder on those twisted wires, so they stay strong and straight and you can connect them to a protoboard

Connection example

In the following example you can see an MBP40 with 3 LTIND-A (short versions) and a data cable connected to a protoboard. As you can see, Vcc (red) and GND (black) pins from the data connector are connected to the border of the protoboard, which are lines that almost always are used for Vcc and GND and go around the entire protoboard.

The data pin (white) of the data connector controls a very simple circuit comprised of a 1k resistor and a green LED.

Connection to protoboard