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From Curuxa

The objective of Curuxa is to build as many things from scratch as possible. Therefore, Main Boards and Modules cannot be bought already built. Instead, you'll have to buy all the required tools and electronic components, and assemble all circuits on your own, learning how everything works on the process.

Everything, or almost everything (tools and components) can be bought on any electronics shop you can find around your city. Nevertheless, some components are difficult to find and they can be very expensive in those physical shops.



All microcontrollers used in Main Boards are manufactured by Microchip.

Remember, always buy them in PDIP packages. The ones that end in "-I/P" or "-E/P".

Buy from Microchip

Get free samples from Microchip

You can get a few microcontrollers "for free" per month, as sample products, directly from Microchip. (Not all countries are allowed to)

Press on the yellow link, in the "Samples" column, left to the "-I/P" version of each model (Package Type: PDIP):


Buy from Microchip